Creative director Wolfgang Joop is one of the most well known and celebrated designers both at home in Germany and internationally. He is an exception to the rule – combining cutting-edge talent with a symbiotic approach towards fashion design, applied arts and storytelling for his own brands and the German label van Laack.


With the creation of the JOOP! And WUNDERKIND brands, Wolfgang Joop has built two unprecedented German fashion houses. His latest foray, LOOKS, is a continuation of this success – an eclectic juxtaposition of styles, fabrics and attitudes.


Alongside his work as a fashion designer, Joop has achieved international renown as an artist and author. His drawings, paintings and sculptures have been shown in various contemporary art museums and galleries, including the Biennale di Venezia (2011), Michael Schultz Gallery in Seoul, and the Museum of Fine Arts in Leipzig (2013). Joop has written several books including the bestsellers “Im Wolfspelz” and “Dresscodes”. In September 2019 he will publish his latest book: a literary biography.


Wolfgang Joop is also known for his anything but ordinary collection of interior design. Through the decoration of his private homes in New York, Monaco and Potsdam, he has become known as both an authority on the subject, and a highly respected decorative arts collector.


A dog lover himself Wolfgang Joop became the official patron for his hometown’s first animal shelter, Tierschutzverein Potsdam, in 2018.


Photography: Inge Prader